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Several readers have sent interesting comments about “Done For at the Danford’s” story line. Michal and Robin would like to share them with you:

“I stayed up later than usual in order to finish it…it was a great read!....You were able to inject much info about curating art and art museum culture…” SB

“I just finished “Done For at the Danford” and I really enjoyed the experience! Quite a tale that you told very well!... a learning experience regarding operating a museum, seeing all the ins and outs. I will certainly think about it the next time [I] go to one!” MB

“I was interested to the final word! I marveled the way you wove the paintings into the lives of the characters and their feelings at different times in their lives, and how those feelings affected their work. … If anybody can write about art, museums, curators, and with a Boston flavor it is you and you have done it masterfully!” EM

Tell us what you thought of the book. Which characters did you like? Did you enjoy the setting?

We look forward to hearing from you.